Free Meat 3D Poser & DAZ Studio Character Released

Meat 3D 1.0 Released
More FREE 3d characters from Toon People for Poser and DAZ Studio! This time its our all new Meat 3D muscular male and female character set.

That’s right. Just in time for the holidays, we’ve put out another free 3D toon model to join Chunk 3D, Slim 3D and Norm 3D. This time, its MEAT 1.0.

Meat is a pair of character models: one male, and one female. Each version is built according to how women and men beef up. Don’t expect realism here – this is all meaty toon goodness.

The package comes with nude versions of both characters, plus fully clothed versions in tank tops, shorts and exercise shoes, along with a few simple poses.

Based on customer feedback, we’ve also made some structural changes compared to other free models. You’ll see these same improvements showing up in Chunk 3D, Slim 3D and Norm 3D over the next few weeks too.

You can get Meat right now through Mirye Store.


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